Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most common questions we get.

What’s your return policy?

Return policies vary from shop to shop. If you are having an issue please contact the appropriate shop owner.

Do you combine shipping?

Each shop is located in a different state or country and therefore, we cannot combine shipping unless the pins are ordered from one shop. There are several shops that have sent their pins to the Founder of Pin Street to help those out who want several pins at once. Those can be found by shopping our home page! More pins on the way.

How do I join the Pin Street Project?

This is my most common question. We are currently very filled up as you can see from our list of designers. We also have a full wait list. If you think you have an amazing idea please contact Kim @pinstreetshop on Instagram.

How many pins are you making?

We are going to keep making new shops as long as there is interest for more. Our current planned line-up is filled through December 2017!